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Did you know that the word millinery came from the Italian town of Milan?

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Congratulations to Linda Panayi, Amalia Pearl, Dorothy Cottee, Ani Choubouk, Carol Maher, Tammy Gill and Jene Walker for their stunning creations. They can be viewed at Ultimo College Library on Level 1.

Want to have a hat made for your head? Become a “student client”.

Email Rosie (Certificate IV Millinery Teacher) on for further information

Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones is a collaboration between the V&A and one of the world’s foremost hat designers. Check out this display that is showing now at the V&A Museum.

Many contemporary designers use vintage hats as inspiration for their new collections

1920’s – Cloche hat the perfect choice for the bobbed hair of the clapper.

1930’s – Fedora popularised by Greta Garbo, the Dali inspired shoe hat and Carmen Miranda’s towering turban fruit bowls.

1940’s -50’s – war time austerity almost saw the demise of the hat but the pillbox design which complimented the sleek costume look saved the day. A hat was a inexpensive way of updating last year’s outfit.

1960’s – while hair styles negated the need for hats top designers were still producing them for the stars.

1970’s – the Royal Family keep the hat industry afloat. (Did you know due to her busy schedule the Queen isn’t always available for fittings so a replica of her head is kept at her milliner’s) Judging by the floor space devoted to hats in department stores today, the hat is back and not just for race days.

How to make a hat


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