Katarina: Our Multicultural Education Coordinator

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the government recognised they had a key role in providing services for our culturally diverse society. This is clear if we look at Sydney Institute enrolments in 2005-33% of all enrolments are from NESBS and the students at our institute speak 80 different languages. Before you listen to […]

Alex: Catching Marlin

This is our first 2006 podcast. I’m talking to a young Australian man from the Botany Bay area, which is very close to our TAFE college. He is telling me about something he is passionate about. Listen to our conversation and then answer the questions below. Download the MP3 file (519 KB, o:o2:12) Photos by […]


Today I had the pleasure of talking to Dimitra, whom I knew from work and met at the TAFE Access conference. Listen to our conversation and then answer the questions below. Download the MP3 file (933 KB, o:o3:58 mins) Music by my brother and his group Hato de Foces Where does Dimitra live? What type […]


Study Skills Library Assessment Print this and do the vocabulary preparation before you listen to Patricia’s podcast. Vocabulary Preparation Match the red words to the green meanings : catalogue, borrow, items, renew, chute, overdue, fine, CD-ROM To extend the borrowing time Books/video tapes/cassettes/CDs Box where you can leave the books after hours (when the library […]

Instructions to record your voice for your blog

Download Audacity Click FILE/Preferences: QUALITY: 44100 Hz & 32-bit float Record your voice. Listen to it and delete unwanted sounds or pauses. Save it: Save project as. Download LAME. You can go straight here. Save your Audacity file into a MP3 format: Export as MP3 Some blogs have direct uploading facilities for mp3 files (podomatic, […]

Yuki: Our first student podcast!

Congratulations to Yuki. He is the first of our clasmates to have created a podcast. You can have a listen in his blog Torpedo. He talks about himself, his work in Japan and what he likes and dislikes about Sydney. After you listen to him, ask him any questions in his blog comments. He will […]

Gabriel: Birthday PodCard

Download the MP3 file (518 KB, o:o2:12 mins). Listen to this birthday podcard (audio card) and write the answers in your blogs. What’s the occasion? How many people are talking? Who do you think they are? Who’s having a birthday? Where is this person? What happened with a passport? What’s the weather like? Do you […]


Meet Nicole, one of the non-teaching staff at our college. Answer the following questions: What’s her job? Does she like it? Why? What type of people does she have to deal with? Where is she from? Why did she come to Sydney? How old was she when she came? What does she miss? Where would […]

Miguel: Interview with a university student

Listen to this interview with a university student and answer the questions below. Download the MP3 file (599 MB, 0:02:33 mins). What is he studying?What year is he doing?What subjects has he done?What subjects has he enjoyed the most?Is the course a practical course?Has he done any subjects from other degrees?Has he got any plans […]

Rosa: Trip to Spain

This is my first podcast. In it I describe these four photos I took on my recent unplanned trip to Spain. Once you start to play it, minimise it to be able to look at the photos. Download the MP3 file (452MB, 0:01:55 mins). (It’s a good idea to stop the music from the previous […]