Moodle LMS update

Moodle LMS update

On Thursday 29th January 9am – 12pm the Sydney TAFE moodle will be taken offline to update to the latest version 2.8+ Information about this iterative update and the improved features are available here. Workforce Development staff have conducted testing and staff can test their existing courses with the new version on a test site which has a […]

TAFE Connects: Catching up on missed sessions and continuing the conversation

To catch up on previous sessions: Recordings are on the TAFE Connects website. To continue the conversation on the eCommunities site: You can also browse information on eCommunities – follow the links under Finding resources.

TAFE Connects session Thursday 24th Nov at 12 noon: Moodle and Equella Together Forever

Join the people from TAFE NSW eLearning Hub for the next online TAFE Connects session this Thursday at 12 noon.  It’s free and it’s for TAFE teachers and other staff. This week’s topic is: Moodle and Equella Together Forever What’s a repository and why would I need one? This session will have some short demos of how […]

Completion of the migration of TAFE learning resources from the Learning Reference Repository (LRR) to Equella

The TAFE eLearning Hub has completed the migration of TAFE learning resources from the Learning Reference Repository (LRR) to the EQUELLA Learning Content Management System. Just under 4000 items produced by the Centre for Learning Innovation and the Australian Flexible Learning Framework have been added to the TAFE-wide Learning Materials collection. Each item includes comprehensive […]

Moodle Moot: Killing the Scroll of death

Flickr image by myLearning Grant Harbor is a Moodle administrator at a high school on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Importantly, he is also a degree graduate of digital design. He loves getting down and dirty with images and the look and feel of anything. He hates ‘The Scroll of Death’. Any user of Moodle […]

Moodle Moot: All content that glitters isn’t gold

Flickr image by mylearning Michael Coghlan gave an interesting piece on content and the misconceptions that go along with it. Some people argue that Moodle is all about content. His starting point was asking the question; Can you teach a course without content? The consensus was that it is possible, indeed preferable, in theory. However […]


You are invited to join us online for this week’s CLI Connects session – Thursday 21 Oct. 2010 at 12 noon. Its free and it is for any TAFE staff or teachers interested in e-learning and technology. See the attached Term 4 Program for details. This week’s session is: MOODLE TIPS AND TRICKS The Moodle […]