Graeme Ford: Chinese Linguist

Graeme Ford is a senior Translating teacher at our Translating and Interpreting Section (Petersham College). He is preparing for a new venture and tells us all about it. He also talks about his career path, translating, interpreting and other related topics. Listen to our conversation and answer these questions. Play in new window | […]

Christina: Architecture

Architecture and building management are the other areas I discussed with Christina totsis. Listen to our conversation. christinaarchitect1 music Tresena Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Health Expo 2009

St George college Student Association organised its annual Health Expo in May. AMEP-B students conducted some interviews which supplement the ones published in this blog.  Unfortunately some of  the recordings weren’t successful, so we can’t hear their interviews with the asthma, breast screening, blood donation and aquatic centre stall holders. They also created mini radio […]