Recording video with your smartphone

photo of person taking a vodeo

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Saw this great post today in the eworks blog outlining tips for trainers wanting to using a smartphone for recording video.…/top-tips-for-making-videos-with-a-s…/

Some good advice here on using a smartphone to record a video.

To these useful tops I would add the following

Audio recording can be easily enhanced by microphones purpose built for this purpose here are a few examples

or use a y cable to use any condenser microphone…/headphone–mic-y-adapter-in-one-cable/

Use a purpose built smartphone/tablet tripod for steadier footage.

Edit you videos before publishing using the plethora of apps on your platfoem of choice

Sydney TAFE has the echo360 ALP platform which can be used to upload your video for use inside the LMS. There is a an echo360 smartphone app which can upload the videos directly.

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