How to renew your WAH Adobe Creative Cloud subscription


In October last year we wrote a post on how to purchase a 12 month Work at Home (WAH) subscription for the Adobe Creative Cloud software service.
Note: This is for home use personal computers

12 months on we thought we would write a post on how to renew your subscription after 12 months.

This process assumes

  1. you have an existing subscription which you signed up for  12 month previously 
  2. that you are still a staff member employed by DOC or TAFE NSW.

You will have received an email from the DOE service provider which manages the subscription service notifying you the subscription has expired.

  1. Log into the service at with the account you used to purchase the software. You may need to reset your password if forgotton (it’s not your DOC profile)
  2. Click on Your Account/Orders and verify your identity and continued employment by clicking on the “your eligibility” link under the account management section

screen shot of account management options


3. Once verified you can purchase another 12 moths subscription using your credit card

4. This will generate a redemption code 

5. To renew navigate to and login with the Adobe ID you use with your software. Use the  redemption code issued previously to renew subscription with Adobe

6. You do not need to download the software again, the process will automatically unlock the software use for another 12 months

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