Lynda Online Library a year in review

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For Sydney TAFE staff who have not heard of it’s a subscription based self paced online course library. Sydney TAFE has a subscription and registrations are available to staff and students.

There is currently over 2,900+ courses comprising over 128,000 videos across a huge range of areas. In 2014 Lynda significantly expanded their range of courses and have begun venturing into new areas not previously covered such as management and educational theory.

Check out this video from Lynda which provides a 2014 in review and their directions for the future.

How do I apply as a staff member ?

For staff Go to Professional Development Calendar and use the “Apply for this activity” button to send your request to get a licence to access

How do students get access

Students can get access via their local college library.

For more information contact Workforce Development Ph: 9217 4274

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