Moodle LMS update

Software update available

On Thursday 29th January 9am – 12pm the Sydney TAFE moodle will be taken offline to update to the latest version 2.8+

Information about this iterative update and the improved features are available here.

Workforce Development staff have conducted testing and staff can test their existing courses with the new version on a test site which has a current copy of all courses. 

In preparation for this upgrade the new theme developed in 2014 has been applied to all courses as non responsive themes are no longer supported by Moodle going foward, this should have little impact as 99% courses are already using the new theme.

We are sure you will appreceiate some of the new features and enhancements as they will make some tasks in moodle much easier, in particular creating a quiz. 

Notification on the update will be placed on the Moodle login page, Moodle staff user forum, Sydnet notice board and the WD Facebook page.

Questions regarding the update can be sent to siworkforcedevelopment{@} or phone Workforce Development on  9217 3731

Please pass on to all relevant staff

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  1. Jorge Yanez
    Jorge Yanez March 30, 2015 at 4:39 pm |

    I don’t know if my class is using the ‘Moddle” I don’t have any information when I sing up.
    Can you help my for work it out.



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