Using the Net Promoter Score to measure customer experience – TAFE NSW Innovation Network Webinar

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The third TAFE NSW Innovation Network webinar, “Using the Net Promoter Score to measure customer experience”, will run from 12.30pm, Monday 17th November.

How likely are you to recommend our organisation to your family, friends and colleagues? We’ve all completed one of these customer satisfaction surveys at some time or another. In fact, for most of us, at many times. Either online, on paper, or face-to-face with an important-looking person holding a clipboard. But what happens to these questionnaires afterwards? Does anyone ever actually look at them? And do all those numbers mean anything?

Join Karl King (Director of Sales & Customer Experience at The Northern Sydney Institute), Callam Pentecost (Customer Experience Strategist at The Northern Sydney Institute) and Vanessa Kerrigan (Manager Customer Advocacy Program at Qantas Airways Limited) as they give valuable insight on how they use the Net Promoter Score as a key metric to measure customer experience.

How do I join in?

At 12.30pm, go to the online Adobe Connect meeting room

 You’ll need some speakers or headphones to listen.

Don’t forget to also book some time for our final webinar of the year (Monday 1st December at 12.30pm) focusing on “Customer Experience” with Sydney Institute.

For more information go to the TAFE NSW Innovation Network.

We look forward to seeing you online! Please share with interested colleagues.


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