The end of the university as we know it?

University – Universidad Valladolid (Spain) HDR

CC licensed flickr image by marcp_dmoz

A recent Ernst & Young report on the future of universities argues that the “dominant Australian university model – a broad-based teaching and research institution, with a large base of assets and back office – will be unviable in the next 10-15 years.” The report identifies a range of disruptive and disintermediation forces which will undermine the prevailing economic and social position the dominant players currently enjoy.

The report identifies five key global trends at work in this process:

  • democratisation of knowledge and access
  • the rise and rise of digital
  • contestability of markets and funding
  • global mobility
  • integration with industry.

The full report can be found here—Public-Sector/UOF_University-of-the-future

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