Workforce Development launches new ezine “The Buzz”

QR code for the buzz

The genesis for a workforce Development ezine  came during a Workforce Development brainstorming session earlier in the year. The idea! to put out a monthly Workforce Development newsletter! now there is nothing new about a newsletters for communication and publicity, our inbox’s are full of subscription based HTML or PDF based newsletters. During our first planning meeting we arrived at the following criteria.

  • Mobile first – It had to be a mobile centric publication, accessible across a range of platforms
  • Had to be easy for all team members to contribute
  • Had to be short and sharp visually compelling articles
  • Had to support a range of media including video

Workforce Development already have a blog and a Facebook Page so why a newsletter? In short we wanted something paired right back, blogs and Facebook are great but have a whole lot of functionality potentially distracting for the average user. For mobile users a means to add the newsletter as an icon on your phone/tablet has been incorporated along with full HTML5 support. This way it will appear on your mobile screen along with you other apps :>

With “The Buzz” the team have endeavoured to make the content the focus. We hope you like the result :>

To check out the latest issue scan the QR code above with your mobile device or navigate directly to the site

Lastly a big thanks to Gihan Lahoud who worked with an external WordPress consultant Kristofer Engstrom on the platform.

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