Thought Leaders: Stephen Downes



Podcast of an interview with Stephen Downes by Michael Coghlan for the “Thought Leaders” series of interviews. (Recorded July 2013)

Stephen is a Senior Research Officer for the National Research Council of Canada. Here Stephen touches on MOOCs (both the type C and type X variety), the intriguing concept of serialised courses, personal learning networks (PLNs), the ‘value proposition’ of education, and the importance of critical literacies.

The Thought Leaders Series comprises a range of interviews with Australian and international individuals who are leaders and innovators in fields relevant to flexible educational practice. The podcasts are part of the Designing for Flexibility program designed to support VET practitioners who are seeking to add greater flexibility to their learning designs and training programs.

To see the complete series of podcasts click on the podcast Thought Leaders Category or navigate to the program wiki page.

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