Adobe Connect X webinar on Acrobat

Adobe's Wheel-o'-Icons

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Teachers, support staff and students are all welcome to attend this exciting Adobe event.

What’s stopping you or your students from …

  • creating professional PDF portfolios of your work to share with potential employers, or to submit for assessment?  You can add video and interactive media, and with Adobe Acrobat X , customise your portfolio look and feel with great new, easy to use layout templates and polished navigation features.
  • working easily on a project without having to be in the same place at the same time? Review and comment on documents easily with the new streamlined comments and tracking tools. Share multiple files of different formats with colleagues using a PDF portfolio.
  • converting or editing a pdf document easily? See just how easily Adobe Acrobat X can help you to do this.
  • managing that expanding Inbox? Convert, categorise, and collate your emails and clean up that Inbox!
  • streamlining work tasks (like assessment validation and quality assurance)? Make use of electronically generated workflows and electronic forms, which you can reuse.

You can do all of this and more, with software you that all teachers and students have access to – Adobe Acrobat 9 is already available for staff and students on Campus!

So ….. this is your chance to come along and check out the new features of Adobe Acrobat X, and……… to check out your TAFE NSW Virtual Classroom.

And while you’re there, we’re going to see just how many people we can get into the one Virtual Classroom!

It’s virtual right? So let’s see how many of us squeeze into the one room at the same time! (Yes….you guessed it- we want to really test it out).

When: Thursday 18th November 2010; 12 noon- 1.00pm

Where: Log on to

Enter as a “Guest” with your name and location eg. “Dianne Sydney”

Once in the room:

  1. Select Meeting> Manage My Settings> My Connection Speed> and select DSL/ Cable
  2. Select Help>Troubleshooting to run the Virtual Classroom test
  3. This will be a presentation so a set of headphones is recommended. Check your PC audio device settings prior to the session to ensure that you will be able to hear the presenter.
  4. You can also run through the Classroom Audio Wizard…. Select Meeting>Manage My Settings> Audio Set Up Wizard
  5. You’ll be able to ask questions during the session using the chat pod.

Help for new participants is available at

Join the crowd, learn something new and practical, and help us give our TAFE NSW Virtual Classroom a run for its money!

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