Discussion forum on E-learning and disability: Tools for Engagement

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Presenter: Howard Errey, E-works, Victoria

Facilitator: Melanie Dorien, Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Date: 24 March 2010

There are many issues around the benefits and barriers to e-learning for people with a disability. Howard Errey is with E-works who manage the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in Victoria and he has a strong background in supporting learners who have a disability. Andrew Downie
provides an adaptive technology resource to staff and students within the NSW Department of Education & Training. The role currently covers both school and TAFE. Andrew also assesses websites for accessibility and reviews equipment and provides staff development.
During the discussion he will cover some of the technologies available to people who have disabilities. This will mainly l be on equipment that is relevant to accessing online material, together with implications for people who produce that material. Andrew will also cover implications for teachers/trainers working with students who have special needs.
Andrew is highly experienced in adaptive technologies which can support learners with a disability. He will talk about and demonstrate some of the adaptive technology available and how to use it.

This forum would be of interest to trainers who often work with people with a disability, e-learning mentors and coordinators and Disability Support Officers. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

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