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We are away, the very first post on the myLearning blog, hopefully one of many in the future.

A blog is a form of web diary or journal in which an author publishes to other like minded bloggers within a networked online community sometimes referred to as the Blogosphere.

They use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as the syndication/distribution model so that the blog can be subscribed to and the posts can be read using software called a “feed reader” or an aggregator.

Still not sure, don’t worry we will be running professional development on how to use a blog and set your own up within the Sydney Institute online learning community.

This Blog is also a podcast which means some posts have audio associated with them which you can listen to directly within your web browser or download to your computer to transfer to a portable mp3 player.

This is a group blog, which means it has multiple authors, primarily these will comprise Learning & Innovation staff however they may also be staff who have attended workshops, conferences etc. who wish to share their learning with the community.

In conjunction with the myLearning wiki this blog/podcast represents the beginning of a whole new way of communicating, collaborating and knowledge sharing within our organisation. If your a little intimidated by the new jargon and technologies, don’t be, the Learning & Innovation staff are here to support you in your learning journey.

Come join us in in creating the future of teaching & learning :>

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